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Strategies for Color Matching

How does an auto body shop color match? The process is done carefully and with good techniques. The original product must be sampled for color quality. It must be tried and true to the new color. We will discuss this in further detail below.

Taking a Sample of the Original Color

The Auto body shop must take a sample of the original color. This can be done by chipping away at the paint or by taking a high definition photograph. More often the not, the auto body shop will simply gather information about the paint color code. They well then match this code a new bucket of paint with the same code.

The auto paint companies keep a database of different colors of paints. They do this so that they can match the paints to new paints. This makes the process of color matching much easier.

Why Color Match?

Why match colors? Collision repair often makes it necessary for the auto body shop to gain a match. When a vehicle is involved in a collision, often pieces of the paint or pieces of the vehicle itself will become removed from the vehicle.

The vehicle roll require rehabilitation that involves painting missing pieces or painting areas where the paint has come off the vehicle. In these cases, it is necessary to gain a color match. This ensures that the vehicle looks consistent throughout its appearance.

Quality Checks

It is possible but the auto body shop will have to special order the paint match for a vehicle. In this case, the auto body shop and the customer may have to wait an extended period of time until the proper paint color comes in the mail. This can delay processing times.

Once the proper paint becomes available for restoring a vehicle, it will be necessary to do quality checks as to the quality of the work that is done on the vehicle. The auto body shop employees will have to double check that when the paint is applied to the vehicle it does in fact match the vehicles original color. This quality check must be performed in order to ensure that the work is done right.

The Finished Product

Once you have ensured that the match for the pain is correct and have applied it onto the vehicle, you are beginning to make way in terms of delivering the customer with their final product. When the paint is applied to the vehicle, it should match in color. This should take care of any inconsistencies in color that results from collision repair.

You should not be able to tell where new paint was applied and where old paint was already there. The finish on the vehicle should be seamless. The original color of the vehicle should match the new color of the vehicle perfectly.

Once all of these factors are taken into consideration, the vehicle will be ready to be delivered back to the customer. The finished product will be seamless and stunning in appearance.