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Scratch Repair After Collision

Our team of collision repair experts have seen all types of scratch repair needs on all areas of various vehicles. We see many cases of vehicle scratches that our clients explain frustratingly occurred in an all too common parking lot incidents. No matter how minor, we completely understand the disappointment these scratches have and how distracting and upsetting they can be. Our team is prepared to follow a series of protocols to undo those minor run-ins.

In cases of deeper scratches that occur with higher-impact collisions and run-ins, our collision repair team is equally trained and equipped to reverse the damage and transform your car back to its original condition.

Surface Scratches

During the vehicle inspection, our team will examine the severity of the scratch and determine if any damage below the surface occurred. If we see the frame and body are in place without compromise, we can determine the scratch or scratches are only surface-level. Surface scratches occur from less impact. The higher the impact of collision, the deeper the scratch will occur. Despite the vehicle performance not necessarily being at-risk, we repair surface level scratches extremely frequently as the scratches can compromise the aesthetic and overall look of the car.

There are various DIY scratch repair articles we understand are floating around the internet; however, we have seen a surplus of cases where what we are repairing, are DIY attempts, that often make the repair more in depth than would have needed to be if brought to a professional initially. Below is a list of DIY scratch repairs we highly encourage to avoid:

      Toothpaste and cotton method


      WD-40 Hack


Surface level scratches cannot be fixed with toothpaste or vaseline as the internet may encourage — there is potentially buffing, sanding and painting that may be necessary, even for surface-level scratches. If it is not done professionally, you risk increasing the scratches and increasing the amount of paint repair needed. We encourage vehicle owners to consider at least bringing their vehicle in for an examination and estimate before lathering their vehicles with house hold appliances. We are dedicated to honest, fast estimates.

Deep Car Scratches

The majority of collision shops should be experts in paintwork repair and paintless dent repair. Our collision repair team members are experts in matching car paint and are efficient in replacing car parts if need be. If the scratch is more intense and closer to dent repair, the location of the dent will be a factor in determining if paintless dent repair is possible. Whether the dent requires airbrushing, which is a less-invasive option, or a full-repair, which is more frequently desired, our team is dedicated to returning your vehicle to its original condition.

For estimates on severity, time, and cost for any car scratch repair, whether it be a surface scratch or deep car scratch, please call our shop or bring your vehicle in for an estimate. As we have seen DIY-fix-its go wrong far too often and require further repair than originally would have been needed, again we encourage an initial estimate and are happy to educate clients of their options before making any finite decisions.