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Dented Bumper Repair or Replacement, What's the Difference?

Every repair is vastly different from another when it comes to a collision. Your vehicle could be scratched or damaged severely based on the level of impact. Bumpers vary in cost depending on the type of vehicle, and it could be more cost-effective for you to replace the bumper on your vehicle rather than repair it. This blog will outline why you would repair your bumper or why you would replace it. There are many factors to consider, so knowing about bumper repair will save you time and money when it comes to that decision. Our auto body repair shop can help as well. We have qualified technicians who can give a full inspection with a professional recommendation.  

Types of Bumper Damage 

There are many types of causes of bumper damage. They can be caused by other vehicles, debris, vandalism, or other stationary objects (such as posts, walls, curbs, etc.). These impacts can cause you to require bumper repair or replacement, depending on the severity of the impact. There are many repairable damages such as: 

  • Cracks 
  • Small dents 
  • Small scratches  

However, there are many irreparable damages as well. These are generally more severe damages that require bumper replacement. These are: 

  • Broken hooks or fasteners 
  • Large dents 
  • Damaged frame 

Pros and Cons of Bumper Repair 

Bumper repair has many positives! Bumper repair is excellent for minor damage that is mostly cosmetic as it is a less expensive option than bumper replacement. Bumper restoration is best when it is tough to find a replacement, as is the case for many older, foreign, or luxury vehicles. These bumpers are very costly to replace, so it may be better to have your bumper repaired instead. The biggest con to bumper repair is that it can devalue your vehicle as a repaired bumper doesn’t have the same structural integrity as a replaced one. So, if you’re looking to sell your vehicle, then a bumper replacement may be for you.  

Pros and Cons of Bumper Replacement 

There are many pros and cons to replacing your bumper rather than repairing it. You should know that cracks and dents damage the bumper visually and affect the bumper’s structural integrity. When involved in a collision, your bumper is no longer a solid piece that can withstand an impact; by fixing it, the bumper will no longer have the same strength it did before. By replacing the bumper instead of repairing it, you ensure the safety of the performance of your bumper is as strong as possible. If the hooks or fasteners are damaged, then your bumper is unstable and could cause your bumper to fall off your vehicle from the vibration of the road. By having a bumper replacement, you ensure that this doesn’t occur. The biggest con to bumper replacement is the cost, as it is generally more expensive to replace your bumper than it is to repair it.