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Side-View Mirror Auto Body Repair

Are you in need of a side-view mirror repair for your vehicle? A damaged or broken side-view mirror can not only affect the appearance of your vehicle but also pose a safety hazard while driving. Fortunately, with the right tools and techniques, it's a repair that can be fixed. Side-view mirrors come in various types, including manual and power-operated, and can be found on all makes and models of vehicles. The most common issue with side-view mirrors is cracks or chips in the glass and malfunctions with the mirror mechanism. Our auto body shop has experience with an array of vehicle makes and model side mirror repairs, so we guarantee expert advice and results.

Cracks or Chips

If you have a crack or chip in your mirror glass, it's essential to get it repaired as soon as possible. Cracks or chips that are left unrepaired can cause cracks to spread quickly, making it difficult to see what’s behind you while driving. Expert technicians can repair or replace the mirror glass with top-quality materials, ensuring that it looks as good as new. An unobstructed view of the road behind you can be invaluable when traversing the road. Reduced visibility can cause additional vehicle damage since you can’t see very well!

Malfunctioning Mirror Mechanism

When it comes to a malfunctioning mirror mechanism, the problem can be a sign of a damaged motor or cable. Technicians can diagnose the issue and repair or replace the necessary components to get the mirror moving smoothly again. Here are some of the common issues that can cause a mirror mechanism to malfunction:

  • Damaged cables: If the cables that operate the mirror mechanism are damaged, it can cause the mirror not to move properly.
  • Malfunctioning motor: The motor that operates the mirror mechanism can also malfunction, causing the mirror to become stuck.
  • Loose or worn-out components: Over time, the components that operate the mirror mechanism can become loose or worn-out, causing the mirror not to move properly.
  • Power source issues: If there is a problem with the power source that operates the mirror mechanism, it can cause the mirror to become stuck.

It's important to have a professional technician diagnose and repair a malfunctioning mirror mechanism to ensure that it's functioning properly and to prevent further damage to the mirror or other components.


At our auto body shop, we take pride in our work and ensure that all our repairs are completed to the highest standards. Our goal is to make sure that your vehicle looks and functions like new again. A damaged or broken side-view mirror can be fixed with the right tools and techniques. Whether it's a crack or a chip in the glass, or a malfunctioning mechanism, our professional technicians can get your mirror repaired and functioning properly. So, don't wait if you're in need of side view mirror repair. Schedule your appointment today.