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Parked Vehicle Collision - What do I do?

Imagine you’re inside the supermarket getting this week’s groceries and come outside to find that while you are inside, your vehicle has been struck by another. Your vehicle may incur some damages, such as dents or scratches, that may require auto body repair professionals. Whenever collision repair is needed, it’s essential to follow the proper procedure to ensure everyone is okay and that your insurance can assist in these times. This blog will discuss steps to take if you have been in a parking lot accident.

Find out who hit your vehicle.

If you are the one to ding or dent another vehicle in the parking lot. Make sure to stay to speak to the other person whose vehicle has been damaged, as a hit and run is a huge deal and needs to be avoided. If you need to leave, at least leave a note containing your name, address, phone number, and an explanation of what occurred. Not doing so is against the law in most states. If you find that your vehicle is the one hit, you need to collect the information from the other driver to have an easier time with the insurance company during their investigation.

Document evidence

Make sure to collect ample evidence of the collision to provide what exactly happened to your vehicle at the time of the accident. Some key points to document are:

  • Take photos- Make sure to take pictures of your vehicle’s damage and the other vehicle’s damage, as well as the license plate number of the other vehicle.
  • Check for witnesses- Check the surroundings for any potential witnesses. Gather their contact details if the authorities or insurance provider has to speak with them during an investigation. In the absence of any eyewitnesses, you might be able to get footage of the collision from a nearby security camera.
  • Contact the police- It's crucial to call the police whether you can or cannot locate the other driver. A police report number is required to file a claim with your auto insurance for accident-related damages.

These critical points in documenting evidence will ensure a smooth collision repair process and that your vehicle is restored to a like-new state.

Contact your insurance company

Even if you could not contact the other car’s owner and left a message, your insurance company still has to be informed of any accidents. Your insurance provider may refuse to provide coverage if you don't notify them within a particular amount of time. Your insurance provider helps cover the costs of your collision repair. When you need collision repair, your need our auto body repair shop. Don’t let this headache be any worse than It already is, and let us deal with the insurance company. Our expert auto body repair shop has the experience to help in your time of need.