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What Level of Damage Can Minor Rear-End Collisions Cause?

A report released by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration showed that rear-end collisions are actually the most commonly occurring type of accident in the US. With over one and a half million incidents happening every year, rear-end crashes wreak havoc on vehicles all over the country. While these types of accidents may seem relatively mild or harmless, a rear-end collision can lead to a wide range of vehicular damages and issues, such as:

  • Trunk Damage
  • Electrical Problems
  • Frame Damage
  • Misalignment

Trunk Damage

The direct area that is going to be affected in a rear-end collision is the trunk. Depending on how severe the accident was, the damage could range from mild to serious. Common trunk issues that can occur after a rear ending include a malfunctioning trunk latch or lock, a compromised seal and the inability to open the trunk.

Electrical Problems

The electrical wiring in the car can be significantly damaged or displaced in any collision, which can lead to a multitude of problems. The tail lights are the most likely affected components in any rear-end accident, but other impacted areas can include the sound system speakers, temperature system and even the battery.

Frame Damage

The bumpers on most vehicles consist of plastic which aren’t made to effectively absorb impact forces. If a rear-end collision is strong enough to damage the bumper, then there is a chance that the frame may have been damaged as well. Damaged frames can cause any sensors or cameras to misalign which can affect the warning systems. A weakened frame will also be unable to adequately protect the passengers if another accident were to occur.


If the rear-end accident significantly damaged the vehicle, the wheels could become misaligned as a result. A misalignment in the wheels can lead to handling issues and difficulty steering which is a safety hazard. This could also lead to uneven tracking down the road. Any unusual vibrations or shaking is usually an indication that the tires need to be realigned properly.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Collision Repair Services

Even mild collisions can cause damage that will affect the vehicles safety and performance. A professional mechanic, for instance, will be able to detect and repair any vehicular damage.

Hidden Damages

The main reason hiring a professional service is beneficial is that damage from rear-end crashes cannot be seen by the untrained eye. A professional mechanic that specializes in collision repair will be able to properly assess and repair even the slightest damage.

Safety & Efficiency

Rather than a DIY fix to the problems, a professional will offer quick and thorough solutions to address all of the potential issues. This will allow drivers to be back on the road with peace of mind sooner than if they tried to fix the damages themselves.