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Top Auto Body Shop Repairs

Taking care of your car is an investment into your future method of transportation. Keeping your vehicle out of the auto body shop will save you money and time because you will not have to worry about repairs. From collision repair to corrosion repair, there are a ton of common mishaps that a vehicle can see through its lifetime that auto body shops will have to repair.


Since your bumpers are exactly what they sound like, many auto body shops see damages to both the front and back bumpers of vehicles as a common replacement. Your bumpers are in place to keep the rest of your car safe but are not really meant to be struck by other vehicles.

However, some of the most common accidents involving bumpers are:

·       Getting rear-ended

·       Backing up into something

·       Rear-ending someone else

All of these will influence how a bumper can be damaged in different ways and make it so that collision repair damage can be costly for the car owner it happened to. You can avoid a lot of damage that might happen to your bumper by driving slower and safer on the road and always turning to look when you put your car in reverse.

Additionally, most auto body shops take less than an hour to repair a bumper because they see it so often but the tough part is getting the right bumper that fits your car and matches.


Another part of a vehicle that auto body shops see needing a repair often are the rims of a vehicle. Rims are what many people highly value about a vehicle and can be considered one of the first things people see when they look at your car.

Why Rims Need Repaired

This can be for a variety of reasons but the very first reason is that people bring new rims to be put on their car and they are already damaged. Rims like these either need to be returned or repaired by the auto body shop and usually, it is cheaper to have them repaired.

Additionally, since rims are so valued on a vehicle many people try their hands at stealing them and it can lead to damaging the rims of a car and needing repair. This is common at many shops where the rim was damaged due to someone trying to steal the rims off of a car.

The rims of a vehicle also typically collect damage from car owners attempting to change the rims of their vehicle on their own without contacting a mechanic or a shop first. Most people think they can watch a video online and it gives them the knowledge and experience to change the rims on their car but it does not work that way. Unless you want the chance of damaging your rims, take your vehicle to a mechanic or shop to get the rims done.