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Fender Bender Damage & What to Do About a Collision

Although most fender bender damage can be minor accidents and identified externally, there exists a variety of situations where damage can be hidden or impacting another one of your vehicle’s functions. The severity of the repair is based on the speed, the make and model, the height of the bumper, and the angle of the collision. Based on the degree of each of these, there can be various repairs that need to be done. Although most of these repairs can be done quickly, a trusted professional must give a full in-depth inspection to get to the source of the problem. As we have seen most of the time this diagnosis is for a minor repair, but if this minor repair is not treated it will surely become a major repair. Here are the 7 most common repairs that come from a fender bender collision that you should be on the lookout for as well as the process on hold to handle this type of collision.

Rust from Scratches and Dents

After most collisions, your vehicle will incur at least one scratch or dent. Do not let these become larger scratches and be visible to the world. They will surely build rust and make for an undesirable vehicle for transportation. A fresh coat of paint will protect your vehicle after a collision.

Electrical System Failure

It is no secret you need your vehicle’s electrical system and all the various components that allow it to operate. Whether it be powering the windows, theft system, locks, or just powering the vehicle, you need your electrical system running efficiently. This is something that should be inspected after every collision since it is very easy to damage.

Engine Performance

When you are in a collision your engine’s performance is susceptible to take on damage. Many different components make up your vehicle’s engine and if any of these get put out of place, it could become a costly repair.

Wheel Well Rubbing

Another common repair needed after a fender bender collision is one to the wheel well. Sometimes wheels or the well surrounding the wheel could be bent out of shape and rub against one another. This will eventually lead to a popped tire if not aligned properly.

Alignment Damage

When your vehicle is properly aligned is runs smooth and wears evenly on both tires. If your vehicle encounters a fender bender, this could leave the wheels unbalanced and if unattended to will need tire replacement.

As soon as you are in any kind of accident you should get inspected for the safety of you and all those on the road. If this inspection is not at a reputable auto body shop, you are leaving yourself at risk.

Being in an accident already is going to take time out of your day. Do not waste time getting inspected by a less reputable auto body shop. As soon as you are in a collision, we recommend getting your vehicle inspected by a reliable professional to give a proper diagnosis of the repair. No matter how small the fender bender maybe it is critical to get an inspection to prevent further damage or be able to identify any damage that may occur. If these damages are not inspected and cared for the likelihood of another accident will rise drastically. Do not underestimate any fender bender collision and the hidden repairs that may be to come.