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How to Protect Your New Car from Dings

Unlike complicated processes like conducting collision repairs, door dings are minor but very irritating. Even worse, they are hard to mitigate.

While most of them happen in parking lots, you may get scratches from vehicle accidents, on traffic jams if you drive too close to other cars. Whether driving to a dentist, mall, or grocery store, chances are high you will park next to another vehicle.

In this regard, let us explore some life hacks that will help you save a buck on the otherwise expensive auto body repairs.

1. Park at the End Spot

This one of the best remedies to avoid dents and door dings on your car. This is because many car owners always want to park their cars in proximity to their businesses or offices to avoid walking long distances.

While you may have the inconvenience of walking a longer distance to get to your destination, the end spot is usually less crowded. This puts your car away from other people's cars that would otherwise dent it.

2. Look for Covered Parking

If you are of the notion that only vehicle accidents cause dents on your car, then you are dead wrong. Elements such hail and rain can create dings on your new car. The damages especially caused by snowballs may translate into costly auto body repairs.

That is why when there is hail or it is storming, you should consider a covered parking lot. If you cannot find any, you should cover your auto with a canvas car protector. Always remember element-related damages sometimes cost more than collision repairs

3. Always go for Parallel Parking

Are you among the group of people who think parallel parking is absurd? Well, it is one of the remedies for avoiding dings and dents on your new car. This is because the process eliminates the possibility of the cars parked next to you smashing their doors into yours.

Of course, your car may be bumped from the front or behind, but car bumpers are resilience to low-speed impacts.

4. Examine Neighboring Cars for Baby Seats

When parents are strapping their kids on a seat, they fully open the doors to create more space. There is a high possibility they might dent or creates dings on the neighboring vehicles. That is why you should always avoid parking next to such cars.

Before you leave

Your car is amongst one of your most valuable assets. Moreover, while dings are annoying to look at, they depreciate the value of your car. That is why you should avoid them by all means. For the times you cannot, visit our auto body for collision repairs when the damages happen.

We are also the real deal in collision repairs.

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