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The Dangers of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a common reason for getting into a car accident. Even an experienced driver can let down their guard and make mistakes behind the wheel. When this happens, innocent people inevitably get hurt. As a result, vehicles are damaged in the process and may need extensive collision repair. That being said, there are a number of reasons why people get distracted when driving for which all drivers should be aware.

Driving the Right Vehicle Matters

As with many tasks people perform on a daily basis, the car or truck a person drives may be to blame for their being a higher accident risk. In fact, this is something many people never really think about much. Yet, driving a vehicle that a person is not comfortable being behind the wheel in could itself be a dangerous distraction.

·        Maybe the vehicle is bigger than the driver cares to drive.

·        Maybe the vehicle is an automatic and the driver gets easily frustrated—especially in a high-performance car designed for more experienced manual drivers.

·        Maybe the driver is not comfortable being higher up in a truck cab.

·        Maybe the accelerator is too sensitive

To be a safe, effective driver, it is important to drive a car the operator is completely comfortable with operating when behind the wheel to minimize distractions, or the car might end up in an auto body shop needing repairs.

Texting While Driving

One of the more dangerous modern distractions results from people who are busy texting on their smartphone while driving. This is not only dangerous to do behind the wheel, but down right deadly. This is another major cause for why young drivers cause accidents and multiple drivers end up with expensive collision repair bills.

Unrestrained Pets

The problem with car accidents is that they usually arise as a result of a driver being surprised by something they did not expect happening. It can truly be unexpected when an unrestrained dog in the back seat jumps into the front of the car and forces its body across the arms of the driver while trying to stick its head out an open window. To prevent this common distraction, it is important to make sure that a pet is properly restrained or in a travel cage so they are not the cause of an unfortunate accident.

Unruly Children

Unruly children creating a ruckus in the back seat of a car can be a huge distraction for a driver. Even if the driver turns their head around for a second to see what is going on, they are taking their eyes off the road. This is ample time for another car to swerve into their lane or for their car to pass through an intersection causing a collision. For this reason, parents should spend a lot of time teaching their kids to be calm and quiet when riding in the car.

A Blown Tire

It can be a frightening and sudden driving distraction for a tire to blow at a moderate speed. It is a natural reaction for a driver to jump or their limbs to jerk when they are abruptly startled. This can send the wheel of the car off course and the driver may not be able to recover their car. This is why it is important to examine tires on a frequent basis to make sure they are in good working order for the road; otherwise, this could be another reason why their car might end up in the auto body shop.

Be a Safe Driver

The trick to being a safe driver is for a driver to always remain aware of their surroundings while keeping their eyes on the road. The less distracted driving a person is involved in, the more likely they will be actively avoiding a car accident. It is also important to be aware that other drivers can be distracted too, and they are one variable that even seasoned drivers find difficult to control. That is why the auto body shop exists, and friendly repair people are ready to help a driver out when someone else causes damage to their car.