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What Scratches Turn into If Untreated

Whether you like it or not, your beloved vehicle is going to get some scratches on it. However, the question is will you take care of those scratches quickly or will you let the scratches get worse by leaving them untreated. If you want your vehicle's paint job to continue to look its best, repair the scratches or chips that penetrate your paint and primer on your vehicle right away. Deep blemishes left untreated are prone to rust and look unsightly. Plus, water, dirt, and salts can make their way under the paint and spread. Fixing it at that point can be expensive.

Appearance Decline

You should have scratches, chips, dents and other blemishes addressed in a timely fashion. The longer you wait, the uglier it will look. Plus, when exposed to rain, snow, hail, and other inclement weather, moisture will get under the paint, spread, and lead to a bigger, uglier problem. Ideally, you should have a professional apply new primer and paint if the scratches, flakes, and dents are deep. You can try to do it by yourself with a touchup kit. But unless you are careful, your amateur efforts can make your vehicle look ugly.

Can Scratches and Paint Chip Wait?

It's never a good idea to leave deep scratches, paint chips, and dents on your vehicle very long. Those minor things can lead to further damage that will be very expensive to fix and lower your vehicle's value. The longer scratches are exposed to rain and other elements, the greater the chance they can lead to bigger, uglier, more expensive problems. If the vehicle is leased or belongs to someone else, it is recommended you have it repaired right away.

Salt Air and Sea Water

If your live near to the beach or go there often, have scratches and paint chips taken care of right away. Constant exposure to salty air and saltwater greatly accelerates corrosion on automobiles. If saltwater gets under the paint, it can quickly expand the metal and spread the damage, making the paint begin to flake off and causing your vehicle to look old and beat-up. It's important to know how the elements in the areas you frequent can determine how important it is to have the scratches, ding, chips, and dents professionally taken care of right away to prevent it from being further damaged.

Selling Or Trading In Your Vehicle

If you plan to sell or trade-in your vehicle soon, it is essential to have scratches and paint chips professionally taken care of as soon as possible. If you return a leased vehicle to the dealership with lots of scratches and paint chips, they will charge you a lot more to repaint it than if you use a company you know. Removing all of the scratches on your vehicle before you sell it or trade it in will increase its value. Plus, minor scratches exposed to harsh weather can cause your paint to peel and make your paint job look horrible in the long run.

Good, Affordable Scratch Repair

A local collision repair shop is usually a place you can get good, affordable scratch repair. A good collision repair shop can quickly and affordably repair scratches and paint chips on your vehicle and make you proud to be seen driving it.