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How Windshield Repair Can Be Prevented With a Cover

One of the most essential accessories to making your vehicle nicer is using a windshield protector. Now you might be thinking that a windshield protector will serve you no use in your area or that you only need to keep it on at certain times of the year, however, the truth is every vehicle is susceptible to damage in any climate. Whether it be keeping out the UV rays in the summer, to keeping the heat in the winter, as well as keeping out the foliage in the fall and spring, this accessory will save you time and money at an auto body shop. Our collision shop worked to create the top five reasons why we recommend that you keep your windshield protector on year round to prevent windshield repair!

Protects From Scratches

One of the most popular uses for a windshield protector is for this reason. While your vehicle is parked, it is easy prey for the elements. Covering your vehicle with a protective windshield cover will help prevent glass damage from Mother Nature. A cover will surely lessen the impact of any rain, rocks, or foliage that hits your vehicle.

Prevents Damage from the Sun

This factor will become more and more of an issue in the years to come so we recommend investing in a cover to protect against the harmful UV rays that the sun gives off. By putting up this cover, you are protecting against color fading as well as your personal well-being by keeping the sun out year round.

Keeps Snow and Ice Minimal

Although this problem is only relative at certain times of the year it still is critical to note. When your car’s windshield is open to the world it becomes at risk for snow and ice, which will block the driver’s view of the road. By keeping a windshield cover up, it will save you time and avoid the chance of you having to scrape it yourself.

Helps Regulate Temperature

A well-functioning vehicle helps regulate temperature. Having a windshield cover helps take this a step further. Whether it be cold air outside, or hot air outside, a cover’s special reflective material will help keep it out for a more comfortable ride.

Makes Driving Safe

Lastly, having a windshield cover on your vehicle keeps you and the other drivers on the road safe. This is so because once the cover is removed, you can count on visibility being at 100%. When a cover is not present your visibility is through your windshield is constantly at risk.

 There are certainly other ways that a windshield protector will prove valuable for you but we hope you learned something new here! Definitely consider these factors when caring for your car and think about protecting it year round. However, even if you take these safety precautions be aware that your vehicle may still sustain minor damage. In this case, get your vehicle seen by a collision shop as soon as possible so that the damage does not grow and become a larger repair. If you are looking for the most trusted windshield repair in your area than give our team a call. Our auto body experts prioritize quality and reliability with all our services and will get your vehicle back to normal fast!